Personal GPS

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Who wouldn’t love having a GPS for life? I mean think about it, a little voice saying take this job or date that person. Even better if it had auto-correct for when life gets confusing! So instead of dropping out of school you would have stayed, or you would have tried to open that art gallery or restaurant you dreamed of.

Guess what? We do have a personal GPS for life; it is our inner voice, our personal truth, conscience, higher power, or whatever you like to call it.
We do know when we encounter a choice that isn’t in our healthy wheel house, we just often refuse to acknowledge it because we want to try things and something that seems to go against our instincts is a way to rebel a bit and it often feels really good to be a little bit bad. We have all had that trill of excitement for a taste of the forbidden, watching a movie our parents said we couldn’t see or drinking as a teenager, or any number of things really. There is a big difference between some healthy rebellion and a life made up of constant self-destructive behaviors. Let’s be honest, if we were so pre-programmed there wouldn’t be much living going on would there? Often we need to make some less than smart choices to learn about them, to understand why we don’t want to make them and to define our line of thrilling vs. destructive.

Our personal truth/inner GPS helps to provide us with directions.
Directions based on our personal truth of who we are, what we are worth and what our purpose here is, get us moving in a positive direction for our life. Often, in the beginning our inner voice/GPS doesn’t have that lovely clear voice of the average TomTom, no it often sounds garbled and confused and a bit like a muffled voice on an intercom.

I promise that once you start listening to your personal truth/inner GPS it becomes very clear and direct. Listening to it is like going to the gym; you build up your inner truth/GPS muscle, give it definition and keep it fit. In return it helps guide you through the choices of do I take this job? Is this person good for me? What do I want to do with my life? How do I handle this confrontation? What makes me truly happy? Paper or plastic?

It is wonderful to take the roads less traveled in life.
We sure don’t need to constantly hit emotional ruts, end up depressed, lost, confused and out of emotional fuel because we refused to listen to what we know to be true for ourselves. Then the adventure becomes torture and full of fear and self-recrimination instead of self-discovery.

Take the time to stop and listen, to plug in so to speak; you will be amazed at what you discover! The troubles you can avoid the joys you can bring in, the stress you can discard and the self-confidence you can manifest.


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