Let’s Get Physical

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Very few people go through life without ever being physically ill.

There are some who are blessed with keeping it to a minimum of a cold now and then and there are others who constantly seem to be fighting something or other. My own family has been touched by cancer, currently my mother is fighting a very aggressive/terminal form of cancer. I personally had 6 years of illness and being told I was a lazy liar and then 2 years of treatments to land in remission and a lifetime of repercussions.


Illness isn’t just physical.

As children we get every little bug out there, and we need to as it builds our immune system. Heck I grew up in the era of does your kid have the chicken pox? Great I will bring mine over so they get it too! Today we vaccinate everything, use anti-bacterial products darn near everywhere. I have even seen antibacterial body soap…really? Don’t get me started on the whole idea that killing all bacteria is good instead of just plain idiotic. That is a discussion for another time.


What I want to focus on right now is that our emotional/soul wellbeing ties into our physical wellbeing.

There are so many folks out there that have constant aches and pains, illness and problems. Often those folks are also people who are very hard to deal with on a personal basis. They are angry or frustrated in life, unhappy with themselves but not willing to take responsibility for it. That is when illness becomes dis-ease, in other words unease of the emotional/spiritual manifests in physical discomfort or dis-ease.

The feelings that you hide are the ones that will rise up and create something physical so you have to deal in one form or another. Let’s look at something with a really clear connection like someone who swallows their rage and frustration, never has an outlet for it and they develop ulcers or acid reflux disease. Now that there is a physical manifestation that person has to go through all kinds of process to deal with it, perhaps creating more frustration and rage. They can choose to look at all the symptoms or just the obvious ones. They can choose to take a pill and keep grousing or perhaps look at the bigger picture about their life.


There is no magic pill because life is individual.

I have friends who swear by supplements, always trying to talk others into trying them. Amazing stuff that makes you feel great and keeps you healthy! I tried a few over the years, and in my case instead of stronger healthier hair, skin, nails…my hair fell out, nails broke, skin dried out. As much as we are all the same in being humans, we are all unique. What works for one of us may or may not work the same way for another.

So when one person has ulcers because they swallow rage, another may create kidney stones because they swallow their rage and blame themselves or stone themselves so to speak.


Treatment of physical, mental, spiritual or emotional needs to be individual and more than just a symptom solution.

I am not a doctor; I am a specialist in myself. I know when something is wrong with me physically as well as when it has the added mental/emotional factor. I am responsible for choosing to deal with the entire ailment or for ignoring the parts that are uncomfortable to face. The catch 22 here is that those uncomfortable parts are the ones that will keep coming back and creating problems or not letting the current physical ailment be resolved.


Physical wellbeing isn’t physical perfection.

I am not talking about being physically ‘perfect’, heck you know by now that I find the quest for perfection to be a complete waste of time and energy. I am talking about knowing your body, what is ‘normal’ for it and what isn’t. Knowing your limits, how far to push them and how to communicate with a medical professional, they aren’t psychic you know. To be able to be clear with a doctor you need to be clear and truthful with yourself first.

It all circles back to knowing yourself, being truthful about what is happening so you can take responsibility for how to take action. When you take responsibility for yourself you step away from the chains of dis-ease of the emotional/spiritual parts of you and give yourself the gift of true healing.

This isn’t going to grow back a missing leg, heal a broken back, cure cancer or AIDS. It is going to help you feel better, start to lift depression, dispel fears, and empower you in your life. You can find stories all over the internet about people that have become runners with prosthetic legs, artists that paint with their feet. I have a good friend that is a paraplegic that learned to play video games with a mouth piece so he had some kind of outlet.

That kind of boldness humbles me.

Are you ready to be bold about looking at your physical being as part of your bigger picture?

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