When I lay my struggles out before her, she finds a way of rooting through the dross to the core of the issue, and helps me to address it completely. Client 12/03/12
Her widely varied personal experiences have given her the ability to be able to understand any situation I have been able to bring to her on a personal level, rather than simply a clinical one. This gives her greater insight into the core workings of the mind and soul than any I have ever dealt with. Client 11/19/12
Samantha has been instrumental in my processing of a complicated divorce. She speaks from the voice of experience; simple and straightforward, in a way that is easily relatable.Client 10/15/12
Her insight has always been accurate, and I have learned more about myself than I was ever willing to admit, even in my private thoughts. I learned more about why I respond the way I do to the situations I am presented with than I ever could have dreamed, and can see the way to deal with these responses.Client 09/15/12