What is a Truth Revolutionary?

A Truth Revolutionary™ (TR) is someone who is done with the frustration of their current situation and is ready to work toward a new way of life, the life they truly want. TRs are in an elite league of like-minded people who know their personal truth and are no longer willing to lie to themselves or the world around them. TRs stand up and say hear me, see me, know me as I am – even if just to themselves in the mirror. A Truth Revolutionary™ has been through the gamut and come out the other side, not as just a survivor, but also a hero…someone so comfortable in their own skin and soul they shine.

Becoming a Truth Revolutionary™ will allow you to live your life your way. If you truly seek joy, you will find joy. If you truly seek adventure, you will find adventure. If you truly seek peace, you will find your peace. Your life is your own personal experience, and by becoming a Truth Revolutionary™ you can face your personal truth and live your life without the crap that other people have told you to own, and without the pain of the lies you have been told, and have told yourself.

A Truth Revolutionary™ walks tall, looks the world in the eye and gives it a wink! Because a TR knows who they are and what they are worth. Leave the shackles of self-deception behind, become a Truth Revolutionary and find your True Self.

How You Can Become a Truth Revolutionary

Helping others become Truth Revolutionaries is my mission. Some may call what I do Life Coaching. To me, that title doesn’t accurately sum up what I do for people. When I coach someone I help them connect to their truth, to their real self. The process is both technical and spiritual. You may come seeking clarity on how to get that new job or start a business, which I can certainly help you accomplish, however you will also move on with a new sense of yourself and how completely capable you are to handle your life and fulfill your dreams.

I believe passionately in each person having an individual life journey. We may be similar to others but none of us are the same. We all approach challenges in our unique individual ways. Truth Revolutionary Coaching is the perfect choice to help you navigate your challenges because it isn’t a cookie cutter program. Truth Revolutionary Coaching, simply put, helps you discover your own answers to your questions. As your coach I am not here to judge you or tell you right from wrong, I am not here to diagnose you with some acronym that means you don’t fit the ‘normal’ standard. I am here to listen, to encourage, and to help you approach things that aren’t working for you anymore in your life, with a fresh new perspective.

Regardless of where you are right now, you can achieve the life you want. And I can help you get there by taking the journey one step at a time. I am here to walk beside you and help you build bridges over the rivers, stairs in the mountains, and doors in the walls that currently block you from your goals.

I am here to ask the questions that will open your mind to your truth and through that to the fulfillment of your personal dreams. Discovery is hard work, but the rewards are boundless.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Truth Revolutionary and my perspective as a coach, please register for my free report here.

Discovery Session

There is never a fee for the Discovery Session. If you you are ready to take the next step in becoming a Truth Revolutionary, contact me to set up your Discovery Session by email:
samantha@truthrevolutionary.com or phone/skype: 215-917-2963. You and I will discuss your situation and determine if we want to work together to achieve your personal Truth Revolution.


About Samantha Martin

Samantha Martin is a certified Life Coach, an Ordained Minister (non-denominational), an honorary Dr. of Metaphysics and a student of life. She is currently continuing her coaching certification process by pursuing certifications in hypnotherapy, spiritual coaching, group coaching and recovery coaching. She has dedicated her life to helping others become Truth Revolutionaries because of the power it’s had in her own life. Along with a childhood of upheaval and being surrounded by addicts, Samantha survived her “perfect storm” of rape, a parent’s suicide, and a long-term life-threatening illness, all within the span of five years. She believes the events that bring us to our knees do not have to keep us shackled to the memories. That it is possible to redefine those moments and live a life without pain, terror, and shame. And that is the at the core of the work she does as The Truth Revolutionary Coach.

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